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We have a PVE server running now. It has 146 active mods and some good plugins to help run the server. To join our PVE server we use THE 1.7.10 PACK PERFECTLY COMPLEX !! The I.P. is mc.mineraiders,com . Our goal is to have this server and another PVP server with bungee pointing to both. We will have on both servers role positions : Admins, Moderators, Builders and Members !! When you join The Minraiders PVE server, the first players will be involved in the making of the PVP server.. In put on what version : 1.7.10 ? or 1.16 ect, and what type ?? like if it's going to be a Factions or a Jail, with mini games, Arena so on and so on... We have a Discord server and a website that's under construction Please come to have fun and make friends to play one of the best games to play !!!

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The server runs fine. The spawn has warps to different places. I like it..

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