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TornadoAlley is a PvE survival server based in modded minecraft. The main mod is Localized Weather (weather2) which provides a new dynamic to survival. Expand your base with mods such as Immersive Railroading, connecting to other players or just other outposts. Live in towns or alone, building anything from shacks to factories. With our customized Localized Weather mod, tornados do more damage as they get stronger, leading to more interesting, and dangerous, gameplay.

To play, you can either use out modpack ( or download it directly from
You will need at least 2GB (4 recommended) of ram dedicated to MC for the modpack to run, If you do not know how to change this feel free to ask in our discord.

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This server is a lot of fun but feels like it lacks some direction. I feel like it's one of my more favorite servers to play and recommend it highly.

Server altogether is very fun and enjoyable. A few problems are the server likes to die a lot. Either it becomes very laggy at times or it crashes altogether. Overall it’s a very fun modded server

very nice server with nice people!

You know my story Deaf.

all the big epic tech mods. its not like those uncool and bad cringe and not EA games ripoff servers that ban literally all the good stuff. I haven't found something I couldn't do yet. server TPS is perfect for the majority of the time, only gets bad if some micro organism is super overdrive flying in /fly mode, in which the entire server proceeds to gang up upon and shun until they cease. basically if you want the quality of multiplayer you would get in a private self-hosted server but don't have the large population of friends or ability to run it, play this server.
mods worth mentioning:
mekanism, tinkers construct, buildcraft, AE2, ender IO, project red and all coremods, thermal expansion and all coremods, weather2, crayfish furnature mod, quark, railcraft, openblocks, minefactory for 1.12 (industrial foregoing), immersive engineering, immersive petrolium, immersive railroading, immersive vehicles, pams harvestcraft without the file that makes vanilla food do absoutly nothing, computercraft, carpenters blocks, bibliocraft, chissel, and vanillafix (mod that makes game crashes just kick you to the title screen)

Tornado Alley is a server where the community is close and tight knit, and the experiences are always exciting. With the server itself still really finding its way, being with it and watching it advance and being able to contribute to its advance is amazing.


This server will be deleted in 1 week. If you want to continue chatting with people go to the new discord HERE:


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If you guys could, message me directly your minecraft IGN

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