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Chill, Therapeutic Survival for Builders

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Vanilla Joint is a builder's paradise, a social player's dream, and a parkour lover's fantasy. We are a chill, caring group of people who have played together for years, but we embrace noobs like we've known 'em for year. All of us love Minecraft, enjoy making new friends, and create a fun world... together! VJ is great for introverts and rowdy peeps alike. Builders are especially welcome -- chill in our discord server & laugh with your VJ friends, or if you're shy, just work on your cool base or kick back and help with one of our kick-ass building public projects!

We've got a very active, friendly discord; a diamond-based economy; a very Vanilla player experience; weekly contests & minigames, weekly "builder's workshop" streams where you can learn or help teach, amazing build projects open to all, and a lively varied market. (We also have a lot of very silly jokes.) If you're looking for friends, fun, & great community projects, feel free to come say hello!

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Vanilla Joint is also one of the rare vanilla Minecraft servers out there. The staff is fair and caring, players are friendly and inclusive, and the server itself has a fun vibe. There are also cool weekly contests, games, and builder’s workshops. Stop by and say hi!


Hey everyone, I just wanted to let y'all know that I am going to be stepping down as a moderator. It has been a pleasure to assist you all, but I have too much on my plate to keep at it. I will still be a part of this community when I have the chance and I love all of you!

Raor avatar

Hey, I'm trying to add everybody to the whitelist, please check and if I haven't gotten to you, please let me know, and tell me your in game name.

🧡🌼Furrball,the Daisy Lover🌼🧡 avatar

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