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About Us

Around since 2011, we have seen Minecraft change quite a bit. We have a strong and easygoing community, with friendly players who will get you on your way. On VillageCraft, you can build a village to whatever style you feel, get it protected by one of our friendly staff, and then manage it however you want. Come join us!

Some Key Features

Custom Plugins

A whole assortment of custom plugins, lovingly made exclusively for VillageCraft, including fancy armour stand poses, snazzy hats, microblocks, and more!

Thriving Market

We have a market, built from the ground up, right in the spawn town, to help you get on your way, be it with your first home, or a new project

Server Parliament

Through community elections and votes, you can have your say on how the server operates, from suggesting features, to running events

Long History

VillageCraft has been a community since 2011, having seen over 20,000 players over the years, each bringing their contribution to the server

Make your village yours

When you build a village, it's entirely yours. You can decide who to let in, what rules to enforce, and play to your style

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Awesome server, fantastic community, and fun, laid-back Staff members

Great community and staff members that respond to players. Events are held frequently by a community-voted Community Minister, and the rules of the server are democratically voted on by the members. It is player-run, with a full market and economy plugin to enhance the building experience. Custom plugins and a dedicated dev team means that the server is always being improved. Great place to chill and find some new friends! The servers discord is also integrated into the in-game chat, meaning that people who aren't in-game can still communicate with those who are playing through discord!

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