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A uniquely morphed RPG and SMP experience

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Welcome to White Bear Place! We are a PvE RPG based community that puts a special spin on survival Minecraft!

Build up your empire in a modified SMP experience that includes:

  • McMMO Skills
  • 40+ Custom Enchantments
  • Protected Land Claims
  • Ranking System that grants extra commands for FREE
  • Mineable Spawners with a system to change mobs
  • Custom Spelunking Mechanics
  • Easy NPC and GUI Interface
  • and Custom Crates for Voting/Money/Ranks/Boss Drops

Once you feel ready and your pockets are lined. Test your skills in RPG combat and use the money you've earned to attain items for:

  • Battling Custom Mobs
  • Exploring and Fighting in Custom Dungeons and Arenas.
  • Custom Items and Drop Tables
  • and Extremely Customizable Skills, Attributes, and Enchantments

At White Bear Place, the adventure is yours to craft!

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As a reminder, we are in Beta so there will be a whitelist only for testers!

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State of the Server: Friday, April 17th - - - Took extra measures to cut back on lag | StackMob has been removed in favor of a more lenient entity managment and also to nerf spawner farms | Jobs now have salary penalties if too many people are favoring one job over the others. Less used jobs now have increased salaries. | Adjustments have been made to the prices of items, also, less items will now be sold in the market encouraging actual farming and gameplay | Spawn gazebo has been replaced with a fountain |

!important! Server now has a MUCH easier interface for management use /menu to access this

This includes all claims, warps, the discord link, server connection info, the rank shop, rpg information, McMMO statistics like levels and ranks, the jobs menu, and general, just-for-fun, statistics about your playtime in the game

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