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The Youngest Anarchy Server in Minecraft

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📶Wolfpackmc.net [1.7 - 1.18]

❗️Welcome! If your looking for a server where you can practice your Pvp skills or your looking for a hardcore challenge to survive a server in complete Anarchy, Wolfpackmc.net is for you.

Wolfpackmc.net has an Anarchy server with...
🚫No anti-cheat
🚫No queue
🚫Next to no lag
🚫The freedom to use whatever hacks you want
and the whole network supports Java versions (1.7 - 1.18)

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it fun, i kill alakazain a lot


[November 1, 2021] Mobs randomly despawning has been fixed
• Mobs will no longer despawn randomly
• You will no longer get kicked for flying

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[October 29, 2021] Default is better than broken
• Join and Quit messages both work and were returned back to default
• The server's render distance has been raised to 8 chunks and if the network can handle it, I'll raise it to 10 or 12
• Working on fixing Trident glitch and random entity disappearances

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