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Server presentation

Welcome to Yakutiacraft, a creative Minecraft server where your only limit is your imagination.
At Yakutiacraft, there are no plots, no microtransactions and no buyable ranks. We rely solely on player donations for funding. The only limit to how much you can build is your own ability.

We have a wide variety of plugins to aid in the creative process. Worldedit is available for everyone to use. HeadsLibrary and ArmorStandEditor allow you to spice up your worlds. Coreprotect protects your builds from greifers, and much, much more.

Our community is based around our discord, where we share screenshots and hang out. Our community is well established, but always open to new members. The mods are receptive to suggestions and vote on the ones which will improve the server. Joining the discord is a requirement for joining, as it helps us keep track of our players. You can join here: https://discord.gg/HCTZQsD

Yakutiacraft is dedicated to builders who want the greatest creative experience a server can offer. We hope to see you there.

Players' comments

DarkErminia wrote:

I'm the owner so I'm a bit biased. But if you have any criticism run it by me and I'll do my best to try and fix it. :)

My review

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The server has had yet another massive overhaul and now has a ton of new and improved features in V3.0! Take a look at this changelog to see what they are:
- Fixed tab list not showing proper ranks
- Added paper autoupdate system
- Proper 1.8 - 1.16.1 support on all servers!
- Webstore (currently only selling Discord Ranks, soon to be MC ranks)
- Removed BuyCraftX
- Added CraftingStore
- Revamped economy system
- Added TimeIsMoney plugin (for every 5 minutes online you get a certain amount of money)
- Economy now available on all servers (except Vanilla Survival)
- Revamped permissions system
- Revamped ranks system
- Added more staff roles/ranks
- New prefix/suffix system
- Added new Bungee TP system (staff only)
- Installed and Updated anticheat
- More staff things
- Added Maintenance plugin
- Added AuctionHouse
- Updated all servers to 1.16.1
- Fixed Tennis /tp commands
- Revamped Bans system
- Added Voting system
- Added Voting Milestones with fully featured easter eggs!
- New MOTD system with Hover Message!

Coming Soon:
- /shop on Survival
- Towny Survival (almost complete)
- Spleef
- Minigames Hub
- Fully featured Forums site
- Voting rewards
And lastly, I would like to thank all of the @Staff (including @Developers, @Master Builder and @Builder, etc etc) that have helped PlethoraMC get this far, without them, the server wouldnt be this feature packed, successful, and last of all, fun. This has been a fantastic adventure so far, and I hope to see what the future has in store.

If you would like to support and server, you can donate here: store.plethoramc.ml/pack...

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