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Are you looking for a server which you can play on with your friends? Are you also looking for a server which is nice and friendly? Well look no further, ACFMC is the perfect place for you. This server contains some of the nicest mods youll meet, the plugins are well managed, there is an anti-grief system in place, so you dont have to worry about your based getting griefed. We currently have a creative and survival gamemode, however we are working on fixing a lot of issues and bringing new and exciting additions when possible.

ACFMC is also quite new, started over a month ago now, the server is quite small, meaning until it grows you and your friends will be lag free!

The features we have planned are some exiting ones, we have minigames planned, we have a roleplay map planned, we have many things planned for people who join the server.

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1.16.2 Support is now available.

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1.16.2 support is going to be added soon.

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