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We're looking to meet some new people!

This is a casual, slow-paced server made for making friends and hanging out. It is an extension of our Discord community, where we have board game nights, voice chats, and play other games together.

For all intents and purposes, this is a Vanilla SMP. We have a handful of plugins to make the experience less dry - like MobHeads and OnePlayerSleep, and a custom plugin to add fun items to host treasure hunts for, but there's no land claiming or chest locking.

The server is 18+, and we're looking to have around 10-15 players online at a time at most, so we can focus on friendships and communities.


OnePlayerSleep | MobHeads | DiscordSRV | DeathCoordinates | hsRails | AntiCreeper | CoreProtect | ChatFormatting | PixelJoins | VillagerModifications

• Change your in-game name color with /color
• All mobs have a 1/1000 chance to drop their heads when killed
• Chat between Discord and Minecraft
• Sleeping in bed will accelerate the night time
• Creepers will only destroy blocks when exploding below Y50
• Powered rails are twice as strong when they are placed on top of a redstone block


  • We are an 18+ server
  • Griefing, stealing, and manslaughter are all forbidden
  • Travel 500 bocks from spawn before you build
  • AFK farming is forbidden
  • Follow the server ideals of Economy, Casual Gameplay, and Community
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Had a ton of fun on here. Helpful and laid back people just playing some good old fashioned Minecraft. pretty tight nit community and lots of shenanigans

Excellent server with good support, The community is small but it is constantly growing. Very good server if you are looking for a vanilla experience


We'll be attempting to play Unturned around ~6:30PM PST tonight (3 hours from now) just to mess around for a bit :)

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Game night commences!

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