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Why should you play CobraPvP Network? Well here on CobraPvP we offer a safe, lag free network with cheap perks on our store! We will not over price an item but we want to offer what's best for our players! The reason why i founded CobraPvP was due to other servers over priced things on their store, never cared about their players or even offered good support! Well here on CobraPvP we offer a full 9+ options for support to choose from #tickets #-ticket-info ! I ensure the support team responds within 24 hours when the ticket is made! We do not have a website due to we have discord as one to ensure the best support! We might add one in the future! Another reason to choose us is that we ensure a non toxic servers (slight toxicity is allowed but nothing extreme is!). We always do events and I want what's best for the players! We have a non abusive staff team which i ensure! Our staff team is here to help. We have cool things barley seen before!! We will also expend and improve and learn as we go along, we are not perfect but i promise we want to make sure you have the best experience on our network!

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Very Good Server! Great Staff Support!


release is in 5 minuets!

Hey all,

We officially released the server! I hope you enjoy the changes to factions, bedwars and hub! Factions has a 50% off sale. Come check out the server!


CobraPvP Management

MrTrolls_Yt avatar

Great news! We fixed the issue and the release is tomorrow! The time is unknown but i predict it to br between 12pm - 4pm est!


CobraPvP Management!

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