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A survival server with progression-based elemental bending

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We are a Bending server using the latest version!

Gain Elemental moves by playing! Check images above for examples

Monitor your progress with a custom plugin with the commands /stats and /skills

Don't know what Bending is?


  • Specializes in mobility and defense.
  • The land is an ideal spot for an airbender, despite being able to bend in water as well.
  • Techniques range from AirScooter, AirShield, creating Tornadoes, Blasting opponents with Air, Suffocation, and more.
  • Natural pacifists, lack much raw damage output by default, but make up for it in their mobility, utility, and speed.
  • Increases speed, decreasing rate of hunger, and takes no fall damage.
  • Can unlock the Flight and SpiritualProjection subelements.


  • Specializes in maneuverability in and on the water.
  • Oceans are perfect for Waterbenders.
  • By default, techniques range from freezing over lakes, manipulating water to do damage, creating waves and torrents, and much more.
  • Mixture of defensive and offensive abilities.
  • Opens up possibilities in bodies of water that are otherwise closed to the other disciplines.
  • Can unlock Bloodbending, Healing, Icebending and Plantbending subelements.


  • Specializes in manipulating the earth around them.
  • Any area containing land is perfect for an earthbender.
  • Techniques range from using Earth to guard yourself (Armor and Walls), using Earth to launch yourself, digging, blasting earth at other places, and much more.
  • Fundamentally the same as Waterbenders, with a mix of offensive and defensive playstyles.
  • Can unlock the Sand, Metal and Lavabending subelements.


  • Very offensive playstyle.
  • Any environment other than water is suitable for Firebenders.
  • By default, abilities range from extinguishing fires, creating rings of fire on the gruond, creating walls of fire, lightning, shooting fire blasts, and much more.
  • Very little mobility and defense.
  • Comes with the Lightning and Combustion subelements.

Beyond that, we are also a 1.15.2 server with

  • Towny land claim
  • /wild
  • Old combat mechanics (no charged swings)

Come master the elements in EtherealCraft!

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