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Thank you for viewing our server page, we hope you enjoy our server. HippOut is a building server dedicated to bringing you new ways to build, ways not found other places.
We give ranks with more power when we see good work.


On our server you start out building in a small sandbox, and unable to build elsewhere. This is purely due to trust and also so we can help you get to a reasonable level of building before releasing you to our main world. This first rank is called Player.

Player: The basic rank of the server, when you join (after going through the tutorial) you will be placed in this rank, you have access to one plot of land and your build can be very small (10x10 is about the smallest you can go). After showing some skill in building you will easily get to Player+.

Player+: This rank has the largest privilege change of any: Open world, as a Player+ you get access to as much land as you like and it has terrain on it. This rank also gains access to our vanilla server!

Builder: This rank takes a fairly high level of skill, and also a fairly large build with this skill displayed. Builder is the first rank to have WorldEdit commands, and is at the point where ranks may start to become hard to get.

Architect: With Architect you are trusted to many tools for building, some server administrator commands, and trusted by the players to help with their problems from time to time. (First rank to have access to Teacher if future HippOut EDU server).

Pro: This rank has all the building tools and is highly trusted among the entire server, it comes with some fun commands and lots of trust from the community, if you find yourself with this rank you must have some real talent at building.

Champion: The name is such for a reason, you have completed the server and can go brag to all your friends for years and years. This rank comes with some of the most powerful admin commands.


Unlike most servers, we do not give you plots for the reason that if you rank up, you could get a bigger plot. This idea to us is the same as giving people a bigger limitation as they get better. Instead we give free world with normal terrain after you have been deemed a member who has good intentions.
Our server is also dedicated to teaching the members who are not up to our standards, while most servers look for builders of the best level, we thought it better that we help our members become builders of the best level. This means all upper ranks are expected to help lower ranks and give them advice (Advise should be accepted, the people giving their ideas are experienced and trying to help, they are not saying these things to hurt you).

Come join us!

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