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A bungeeCord server with various gamemodes

  • PvP
  • Supervivencia
  • Skyblock
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InciseNetwork is a bungeecord server with survival on both 1.15 (under maintenance) and 1.12. We also have Skyblock and Kitpvp with more to come. InciseNetwork is a new server and we are working hard to make it as good a possible.

The server is owned by Spifff and TheTrooper_ and we are seeking staff to help to improve our server so we can build a community.

You can join our server with 1.8-1.15.2 and also make sure to join our discord to keep up with news, event and other stuff.

What we have on our server

  • Skyblock (under maintenance)
  • Survival 1.15.2 (Comming soon)
  • Survival 1.12 (Comming soon)
  • Kitpvp
  • Creative (Comming soon)
  • Towny (Comming soon)

Staff Jobs

Here is the available staff jobs

  • Manager: 0
  • Developer: 0
  • Admin: 1
  • Mod: 2
  • Helper: 2
  • Builder: 2
    You can apply of any of the Staff Jobs on the Discord server

If you have any questions, please ask any of our staff on our Discord Server

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Due to that 1.15 requires a lot of CPU and RAM have we desided that we are trying to complete the other servers first and after that trying to find a new host for just the 1.15 Survival server

TheTrooper_ avatar

We are now looking into the 1.15 Survival server and see if it the host can handle the survival server

And if anyone is interested to help us build, you can just contact us so we know

TheTrooper_ avatar

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