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Welcome to the MetaVerse!
This Australian network aims to integrate Enjin's (ENJ) ETH-based blockchain into Minecraft by allowing players to earn and collect Minecraft-based NFT's on the blockchain. This network is currently being developed.
Previously known for 'Just-RLCraft', the network now includes:
Just-RLCraft v2.9 (non-ENJ)
❖ A Massive 40k RLCraft world to build your base and explore and a weekly 10k resetting resource world! Loot will NEVER run out.
❖ A functional, decrentralised and 100% player-run economy!
❖ Grief protection for bases and claims.
❖ Buy property and start businesses.
❖ Discord Chat Integrationn.
❖ No keep inventory, gamemode set it hard.
Just-SkyBlock (MetaVerse)
❖ Play with SkyBlock on a fast, dedicated server!
❖ Multiple ranks and islands to pick from!
❖ Quests, Economy, Shops, and more!
❖ Play with friends or along
❖ NFT-Integration (Coming soon!)
❖ More details coming soon!
Just-Creative 1.7-1.18.1
❖ Join the Discord and get a free plot to play creative on any gamemode!
❖ Distract yourself from the pain of RLcraft, and use /creative to jump on in!
❖ Go the plot world, and use /plot auto!
❖ Get creative, vote for others plots, join competitions and win prizes!
❖ Future MetaVerse and NFT compatibility
ImpiriCraft (MetaVerse)
❖ Dungeons-based gamemode that allows players to collect NFT-items on the Enjin blockchain (ENJ).
❖ More details coming soon!
Vanilla (MetaVerse)
❖ Custom worlds (spawn, survival, end, nether, resource world, dungeons).
❖ 7 available ranks .
❖ Unique Cosmetics.
❖ 678 Player Quests
❖ Dungeons.
❖ Unique Death System
❖ 13 Player Kits.
❖ Land Claiming
❖ 30 Custom Plugins
❖ Reward Crates
❖ 70 Player-Levels
❖ Unique shop system
❖ Resource World
❖ 63 Custom Menus
❖ Black Market
❖ Supply Drops
❖ Guides (/guide)
❖ Custom Mobs/Dungeons/Levels/Quests.
❖ Custom Items.
❖ Discord Integration 🌎💬│ingame-chat
❖ Coming later: MetaVerse (cross-server) content, NFTs, EnjinCraft.
❖ More features coming on request (Help us build the server you want!!!)
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