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Difficult freebuild survival, awesome community, epic skyblock and more!

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This server is mostly PvE survival, targeted towards more experienced players and people that are looking for a long term experience. We usually keep the survival maps for as long as possible, the last one stood for over 5 years without a single reset and continuing through versions.

We are a friendly and very helpful community. We've even built a town which anyone can join if you need an easier start in this rough world. PvP is turned off (though we might get a seperate world for that later) except for in PvP arenas.
Everything you build can also be claimed so nobody else can grief it and you can level up pretty much every skill you can think of over time.

There's so much more on this server to discover but I don't want to bother you with too many details, just try it out yourself and get into it. We even have a wiki which explains everything the server has to offer in even greater detail!

If you're too curious and want to know some more stuff we offer:

  • Creative world- Minigames (Parkour, TnT Olympics)
  • Admin & Player shops- Elite Mobs to get better equipment than what you could possibly get in vanilla!
  • DeathChests to keep your inventory safe!- Integrated Circuits for the redstone people out there
  • You can edit armor stands to your liking and make them look cool!
  • Chat that's synced with Discord- Premium permissions and features can be bought with in game currency in the admin shop as well!

We also offer an online map:

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Comentarios de Jugadores

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honestly really nice place :>

it is fun and the staff are nice like to have a laugh sometimes all in all excellent

the community is really nice and the hardcore projekt is really cool

It's my server but I play as a normal player on it as well. The community's really friend, people like to talk to each other and I keep out the bad guys :D
I'm constantly adding new content like mini games to earn more money and balance things out. I'm always open for suggestions and improvements that would benefit the server just talk to me :)


you may have heard or seen it already but we now have a completely new lobby when you join the server including really good looking portals. The entire thing was built by @SixerFTW, big thanks to him for creating something this gorgeous ♥️ You may also walk around and explore the whole thing.

There were in fact so many changes lately that I can't listen them all without boring someone so just join and check it out 😉
From now on you may also use "/suggest <message>" in game to suggest anything you think the server could benefit from or is lacking in some way!

(Sixer might also be adding more stuff to explore in the future whenever he feels like doing so, also a casino is being added very soon™️)

Now go and enjoy your Sunday some more, peace! ✌️🌞

Folas1337 avatar

As seen in this picture (also posted on Discord) I want to make our portals in the lobby look even fancier than they already are 😋
If you wanna help creating cool looking text feel free to use <>... to do so (or any other program/tool/website). If your submission is taken I'll also give out a reward :) It should fit the style of the game mode, so EliteMobs should look deadly, Creative should be pretty and so on.

The ones we need are the following: Survival, Creative, Minigames, Skyblock, EliteMobs and Claims.

The reward is up for debate, obviously nothing super crazy, probably like a custom entity (never growing up, custom name etc.) as your pet in the server of your choice, a custom item (nothing that's not already in vanilla, basically) or some money.

Good luck to everyone and feel free to submit them to Discord as well ✌️

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