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Been active since 2014. Wish the staff were more focused but the community is small nowadays. Still play I love the plugins and content they've created.

Best server for jobs and economy stuff, lots of plugins that are unlocked through levelling up and all ranks are free (unlocked with playtime) - player based shops only as well, it's like the perfect community server with towns

I love playing on Omniverse. The staff are fantastic and the custom plugins allow the server to have a unique feel. The community is great and there is always something to do.

Incredible server. Joined several years ago and still play to this day. Logged well over 3,000 hours on there so far and I still love hopping on every day. Great community, all staff are carefully selected and always helpful. If I forget a feature or how to do something I just need to type in chat and seconds later someone will reply with an answer. Tons of custom features like various job perks, custom crafting and much, much more! If I even tried to write about all the custom features I'd likely end up writing an entire book!

Omniverse Horizons was the very first Minecraft server I joined in 2012. I have since attempted to plant some roots into other servers and they just couldn't compare. The community of players is the best group of individuals that I have ever met in the world of Minecraft. From custom jobs to server-wide events, Omniverse Horizons is the best place that you can be!


ok, the server is open, you can connect with

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[Enigmatica 6 Server] by 12_zombies`

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