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Designed to be the open-world RPG Pokemon game that we all so badly wanted in our childhoods, Pokehills offers each player the chance to forge their own journey through a gorgeous, interactive world.

After receiving their shiny starter, players can roam through the world, building their team up and challenging the gyms scattered across the expansive region. After progressing through the Elite 4 to become the champion, a new region becomes available, with a new series of gym challenges!

Want to up the ante by challenging yourself after beating the game? Pokehills offers a ton of post-game content (because who wasn’t a little disappointed with SwSh’s lack thereof?), including a Battle Tower — where you can take on consecutive trainers to earn Battle Points, a Battle Dome — where you can challenge other players with Showdown rules, and a unique new Battle Crane system — where you can reel pokemon out of a pond to build your team, then take on other players with it!

Buy a ticket to our Regular Safari for ten minutes of entry, during which you can capture tons of new, rare pokemon for your team. If you’re the Champion of the region, you can even enter our Legendary Safari — which is just about what it says on the tin!

In addition to all these features, we have a robust player-driven economy with a digital marketplace, fun minigames and events — plus boosters and pokemon editors that run off tokens you can win from these events, Pokemon auras, and lots more unique features that you won’t find anywhere else.

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nice server


Silent Update on things

You may be wondering why it seems like I have been away from the server... In addition to being in my 4th year of school I also work for our school's IT department. For the last 2 weeks, I have been tied up getting schedules corrected and repaired. When I come home from school, I am working on that. This has never happened before so it has caught everyone off guard. We are almost done with it and once we get things cleaned up with that (next day or so) I will be back working on the server!

Sorry for the quiet! New features will be ready very soon!!

austin4195 avatar


I am back from family vacation and about to start my 4th and final year of school! You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet on here, but they wont be for long. In order to avoid burnout working on the server, I have to pace myself and work on something else (Discord ) for a bit or nothing at all (like a family vacation). 😅

Now, lets talk about whats coming next because the next major update has had some stuff reworked from the original plan! As per the request in Discord, the server updates will now be smaller and more frequent (monthly). The Adventure Update launched as one big update in June (end of May but close enough). The next major update is __Battlers and Brawlers__! The Adventure Update was all about exploration and uncovering mysteries hidden across the many new projects. Battlers and Brawlers is all about competition!

Battlers and Brawlers will now launch in waves every month for the next 6 months so it will be smaller initially but will build to something massive! The first wave is just about done but like any storm, there are mini-waves to announce its arrival!

I will be aiming to have the mini-wave ready by middle of each month and the big/main wave ready by end of each month (it is entirely possible for something to launch early, this is a rough deadline).

The first mini-wave is almost ready and will be an expansion to the raids system! Raids will now be every day (except Wednesday and Saturday) at 9 AM and 9 PM EST! Legendary Raids will still be reserved for Wednesday and Saturday at those times so mark your calendars!

I will start making use of the Discord to mark changes made to the server (think of this like a changelog) and will use Discord to showcase new features with Discord serving as our discussion place for these sneak peaks!

I am super excited for some of the content coming at the end of the month and cannot wait to share it with you! It is still being configured so it needs a bit more time! I plan to have a teaser ready in the next couple of weeks in Discord !

Think thats it!

austin4195 avatar

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