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Newborn network with inventive Survival server and solid WiP creative/pvp

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A new network, that aims to provide a great experience no matter what type of gamemode you're looking for. We currently have a fully fledged, new way to play the system on our Economy/Survival server. Make the dough any way you want, be it by creating your own casino, renting out rooms in a hotel, or being a regular salary man working in the Jobcenter.
Our Creative server has no timelimit or paywall to using worldedit. We'd like to foster creativity where possible!
PvP is still being worked on, but will feature a progressive ranking system with meaningful rewards towards your performance on the field.

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Been playing a lot on it while testing and building, and simply must clap myself on the back for a job well done. 8/10 would create again.


A• Everything has been removed and work begun some weeks ago on building everything up newer and better. More announcements will be coming soon™.

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S- mcMMO has been removed in an attempt to make progressing more interesting.

S+ PyroMining has been added, adding around 300 hours of content just in maxing your pickaxe out. More info here bit.ly/2RIu...
The menu with more in-game information can be opened with /mine.
Any issues or feedback can be given under Discord.

S- ChatBrawl has been removed, while undergoing setup.

S+ Resource World has been added, creating a small 4.5k x 4.5k world that is reset every week around Sunday 4PM.

S+ Minepacks added, everyone starts with a 2x9 backpack found at /backpack and /bp. Upgrades to the size can be bought from Sigma at /spawn

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