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You find yourself all alone on a floating, deserted planet... with just a cow for company! Join now and grow your island!

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Welcome to SkyWorlds

You find yourself all alone on a floating deserted island… with just a cow for company!
Now its time for you to grow your SkyWorlds island, make friends and strive to become the richest player!

At SkyWorlds we have worked around the clock to make sure you have a great time while playing with us. We have custom spawners, custom hoppers, minions and crates for everyone. There are also hundreds of awesome and fun challenges so it’s unlike any other SkyBlock experience. Perhaps farming is your thing. If so then you will feel right at home exploring and building all of the different farms. Perhaps a wheat farm will make you the most money, or maybe its a sheep farm. There’s only one way for you to find out!

What can you expect?

Whatever your Minecraft level, from noob to expert SkyWorlds can add to your skill level! In addition, you will always have something to do with the many challenges we offer. From building a house to fighting the wither. Our build team worked hard to provide our players with many different starter islands for you to choose from. For instance, with each Minecraft update, we make sure to redo them all integrating any new blocks or biomes. Come join and check out our new 1.16.4 nether islands, not found anywhere else!

If you are after a more original SkyBlock adventure, then we have just the thing for you. One of our most popular starter islands is the “Original SkyBlock”. This is a block to block replica of SkyBlock 2.1 (including the nether which isn’t available in the map download). This is well known in the community as the best, most enjoyable SkyBlock. Most importantly, the SkyWorlds team is available on our Discord server around the clock. We are always happy to resolve any problems or challenges you may have while playing.

Come and join the community. SkyWorlds IS the place for you!

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Just a beautiful little server. It makes sky block so enjoyable. Im so glad I found this piece of gold.

very fun and there is lots to do.

A friendly community and helpful Discord server. The staff are always happy to help.


Hello Players!

We've finally been able to update the server to 1.17.1!

There's also a whole new area where you can get unique armor and mine for valuable resources. Just visit the portal island at spawn and head to the mines!

Also bees.

We hope to see you again on the server soon! Please DM me if you find any bugs or issues as its hard for me to test everything by myself 🙂 Anyone who finds a bug will be given a special bug finder item!

That's all for now - Jumpz

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If you haven't heard, Epic Games is giving away free Discord Nitro for three months, which you can claim! This is only for people who have NEVER had Nitro in their account before AND for people who have a billing method (card, PayPal, etc.)

Once claimed you can always use your free server boosts to help out the SkyWorlds Discord 👉👈

Anyway enjoy!

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