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🕵🏻Mission: We strive to create a friendly community, challenge the creative mind of our players and have the full survival experience you've been seeking with your friends or alone.

🕵🏻Vision: Our vision is to be one of the most player friendly survival communities, we want our players to be able to find a place where they feel safe and be able to create their own survival adventure.


  • We strive for fun.

  • Honesty.

  • Respect.

  • Diversity

  • Innovation

  • Teamwork

  • Constant Improvement

👨🏻‍🏫 What can you do in our server?

EXPLORE! A vast land with over 100 unique biomes all around.
Make sure you pick jobs and quests during your journey to make money.

BUILD! You're able to create your own town via towny.
You can also combine your towns and form nations.

FIGHT! Vanilla mobs. Meh... Fight custom mob! With custom loot! you can even find crate keys!

Discord- Join our discord group to get updates on awesome news, giveaways, builds, memes and meet and become one of our awesome members.

Server rules- No griefing under any circumstances.
No racial, homophobic, sexist or offensive slurs.
Advertising is not allowed.
Please do not build too close to other people’s bases.
Exploits aren’t allowed i.e AFK fishing & x-raying

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Subliminal Survival 22nd update

- Chat races happen less often but have a 100% chance of giving a subliminal key.
- Lottery no longer shows status every 20 min.
- 🦙 Piñata has 35 hits instead of 15 and now has a chance of giving a boss crate key.

- Coal and Coal block have been added to the shop.
- SlimeFun ExoticGarden and Pets added.
- You can now join from any 1.16 version.

<a:donotreload:513385605301010436> RESETS
- End, Nether and the Resource world have all been reset.


<a:dogdance:668013770924097536> There will be an event tonight at 7:00PM PDT about 9h from this post.
We will be giving away many things!

🔑 Crate Keys!
SlimeFun Items (pets)!
💸 Boosted Lottery

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Subliminal Survival 21st update

- Auto-Roles removed.
- Text CATEGORY renamed to GENERAL.
- music channel changed to bot-commands and moved under general category.
- stock-media pics renamed to stock-pics and icon was changed.
- Mob griefing set to false in build world.

- Rules channel added.
- town-recruitment channel added.

<a:Portal:716453225275981836> PLAYER WARPS
- /pwarp
- Player warps have been added giving you the ability to create your own player warps for players to use.
- Unlock 1 warp at Lv15 and a second one at Lv30.
- /warps menu now has a player warps button.

- A vote party happen after a certain amount of server wide votes have been registered.
- A llama will spawn and you will get 🔑 basic crate keys depending on how many times you manage to hit it.
- Added votes need for a party to the scoreboard.
- After the llama dies EVERYONE will get 2 basic keys and 1 subliminal key even if they didn't hit the piñata.

h and one more thing..

<a:8798_peepo_beat_saber:694595648091324476> NEW GIVEAWAY<a:8798_peepo_beat_saber:694595648091324476>
The 3 players with the most votes by 0/1/202 will receive...
🟦 1st Place -------- * $25 Store Credit*
🟧 2nd Place -------- 15 Store Credi
3rd Place -------- 5 Store Credi

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