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TimeToBattle Network!

A new land claim based Survival 1.16.3 server, with a theme of kingdoms. The Survival experience features player homes, an economy (based on time played) and frequent server events and happenings!
If you get bored of just survival, we also have the Battle Bastion: a dungeon-crawler style game mode. Take your Survival equipment into a randomly generated dungeon to complete quests and gain exclusive rewards. Speaking of quests, there's a number to complete that will keep you busy for ages!

Alongside the Survival server, we also have a few other modes for players to enjoy:

  • Sphere Battles: a special mini-game based on Bedwars, but with movable spawn points and resources are collected from floating spheres! It's fast paced and fun, testing both resource management, bridging and combat strategies.
  • Battle Royale: Our take on the "Battle Royale" genre; mixing elements of UHC and The Hunger Games. Drop into a beautiful custom map and kill monsters to gather resources. Gear up and get ready to battle!
  • Creative: Flex your creative muscles on our Creative plotworld server - featuring spacious plots and WorldEdit.
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Hey all!
First things first, a huge congratulations to @LagZa and @marbou9 for winning Spheremageddon! Commiserations to all those who didn't win - but you all played really well!

Prizes are being distributed now, but while we wait to give all the prizes out, we would really appreciate it if you wouldn't mind leaving us some feedback on how you thought the event went!

Also, I'd like to quickly shout out @Iotados for organise and running the event behind the scenes - and @darparniox for helping me commentate the finals!
Thank you once again - and let's look forward to some more events soon (Battle royale, anyone?! 馃憖)
- Staff Team

William avatar

The Spheremageddon (Sphere Battles Tournament) finals are tonight!
Before we start the tournament, a couple of balance changes and tweaks have been made

Sphere Battles v1.3
鈥 King Alexandra kit has been adjusted
- Knockback 2 book is now Knockback 1
- Now 8 Experience bottles instead of 16
鈥 Added a new map; Swamp
鈥 Added a new map; Flower Forest
鈥 End map has been adjusted
- Repalced obsidian sphere base with black concrete on home spheres
- Replaced End Crystals with diamonds surrounded with decorative glass
鈥 Nether map has been adjusted
- Adjusted biome placement in the map
鈥 Solar System map has been adjusted
- Replaced chest in the centre of the map with some diamonds
- Fixed wrong flag colours on home spheres
鈥 Fixed health indicator below a player's name reading as 0 when a player has taken no damage.

Now, on to the tournament tonight!
WHO: Our finalists are
@marbou9 and @LagZa 馃數 vs 馃敶 @NanoGalactic and @Maltrug
WHAT: A best of three games set! The maps being played tonight are Swamp (new), Flower Forest (new) and finally Glass.

WHERE: You can watch the live cast with commentary on twitch.tv/Will...
Additionally, if you're streaming the event with your own commentary / if you are a finalist streaming the event, feel free to post it in Discord for tonight.
Or, you can join us in game at play.timetobattle.net (Java) / bedrock.timetobattle.net (Bedrock)

WHEN: At 8:00pm GMT, in 5 minutes' from now!

Good luck to all those competing and enjoy the tournament tonight!

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