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We have a dicord server where we play a variety of games and this smp is an extension of our Minecraft interest. It's essentually an smp that's been linked to discord meaning that discord chat and mc chat can be viewed from either way. The world is fairly new so you ahve an opportunity to get stacked without other people coming and attacking you. The server is also kinda international due to a lot of our player not living in the same country.

Anyway for some reason the website wants me to write more and i ain't got nothing else to say to you noobs so yea. It's not like it gives you a word count it wants, you just gotta guess and idk how long it wants it. fun fact: pretty sure the discord server has been around for like 2 years. I run it and i'm very amazing which is why it's still active

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very cool and chill server!

It is really chill, and the community is nice

everyone is awesome join the server :)

very pog because i made a bunch of friends thanks to it

I am the server owner and i approve this message


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