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Welcome to Breadcraft! We are a friendly, comfortable, Java/Bedrock edition server with an Earth map, roleplay, and more. We strive for a fun, laid-back community.

At the moment, we are rebuilding from a crash that reverted hundreds of hours of progress. If you want to help out, then see our website and click "Reconstruction" to learn how to help.

Join us at [1.15.2]. We offer:

  • An already well-developed player-base, partnering with several communities around the web.
  • A simpler, less annoying experience than other servers- no block protection, currency, or Towny nonsense.
  • An active and vibrant roleplay scene on the Earth map, and tons of cool projects being made every day!
  • An experience completely free of griefing, stealing, and toxicity, yet offers a vast amount of freedom.
  • Cross-compatibility between Bedrock and Java cilents! Connect to the server using the IP and port 22462 on your phone or any other Bedrock device. Please note that this is very buggy and you are encouraged to report all issues that arise.

Make sure to read all of the rules at spawn, be nice, and have fun!

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god damn i love my server


As said I cleaned up this server and archived every single channel. Breadcraft will return after the AP exams.

zagreus MOVED TO NEW ACCT avatar

So I took a look at this discord again and I'm going to give an uhhh


I'm not going to make a new Discord for Toastcraft but I'm going to have to completely clean up this place, that means I'll be getting rid of all of the old channels, coming up with a new set of rules, a new world, new plugins

I'll clean up this discord when I'm done with all of my AP exams. Got it?

zagreus MOVED TO NEW ACCT avatar

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