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Who are we?

We are a vibrant community invested cooperative survival multiplayer with base building and adventuring. We make our own plugins and host inventive happenings. We invented our own skills system including talent tree to enhance the gameplay. There is always something to do, from making your survival town over leveling up your skills to building together with the rest of us at regular events.

Who are you?

You have a passion for Minecraft and just want a reliable place to stay. Meet other builders, adventurers, or redstone engineers. The call to adventure and exploring new game mechanics excites you. You like to discuss existing features with us and suggest new ones. If any of this describes you, join us now.

Join us now.

On Cavetale, you can play the way you want. Master the core game, undisturbed. Share your builds with us and the rest of the web. If you're not online, watch the live stream bot. Build together with the rest of the community and many custom made features to make life easier. Take your friends on an exciting monster raid or other regular hosted events.

Feature List

  • Claim your very own area to keep it safe and share with your friends.
  • Infinite mining in a dedicated Resource World which resets weekly.
  • Explore mysterious Custom Dungeons.
  • Earn money through the Economy and buy or sell sell precious items on the market or in auctions.
  • Never worry about storage and inventory management thanks to our Mass Item Storage system.
  • Keep an eye on the area around you with the Magic Map.
  • Connect your areas through global Link Portals easily.
  • Unlock powerful talents in the Skills System.
  • Watch what's going on any time with our Stream Bot.
  • Regular Hosted Events like adventures, competitions, group builds.


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great server, great community! overall really fun to play!

Straight up super welcoming i joined last year and loved it here events every once and a while to keep things interesting my favourite server that i have ever played on and i have been playing since 2014

One of the best survival servers I've played on to date, I very interested in grinding this server for money, resources, the kitty coins in game which can be traded for enhanced gear and once you've invested the time in the game the gear is always worth it. 10/10 Server

very fun people are pretty nice and a fun calming Minecraft experience

It's an amazing server! The community is, as said, vibrant, and the events are to die for! I highly recommend that you play on this server.

It's really community based and the people on there are awesome. The use of economy is helpful but it doesn't take away the fun of roughing it out yourself.


Wake up, it's 45 minutes until the Free Runner event! We'll all try to finish a specially made map with lots of obstacles, traps, and mazes. Whoever makes it to the end will get the kit and a title.

When 6 March 2021, 22:00 CET
What Free Runner Event
Where Special server: /event

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Missed the ❤️ sale? Didn't like the heart? Here's another opportunity: The brand new ⭐ shine is now on sale. So if you'd like a shine but didn't quite make the Valentine one, check it out at

While we are working on smaller shines, ❤️ and ⭐ are the big epic ones. You get a shiny icon in front of your name in chat and on the player list. Plus you have a cool particle effect in game when you use the /shine command, fly with elytra, teleport, or hit with an arrow.

Select your title/shine with the /title command.

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