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The semi-vanilla Survival and Skyblock Minecraft experience.

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Demogexia Minecraft

**The semi-vanilla Survival and Skyblock Minecraft experience.

Started as Wessex Network back in February 2019, Demogexia hosts trending gamemodes with custom gameplay elements such as mobs, enchantments, and mechanics for all players to experience within a fun, welcoming, and friendly environment for all players to play on.


Enjoy classic Survival Minecraft with a side of magic and technology with Slimefun and enhance your skill level with mcMMO! Beware of what lurks below the surface and beyond the overworld!


Build and grind on your way to the top of the leaderboard with over 40+ custom enchantments and Slimefun!

Join now and have a remarkable, fantastic, and timeless fun with everyone as we do enjoy and love establishing this community!

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Demogexia Skyblock Beta Server is now closed.

Thanks for joining our open-beta play-through. Leave us a feedback at Discord. This will help us understand where we are with our Skyblock Server. Your input will affect the further progress of the development. Thanks, once more, for understanding

ll future developments and hot-fixes is now on hold due to personal schedule conflict. Files and data are now backed up. Have a great evening

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Survival server is back online.

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