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Building the world of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Middle Earth (MCME) is a unmodded server where everyone is able to join and partake to build the world.

We use advanced techniques to allow new building blocks and creative options to make a highly detailed and diverse map.

We have weekly activities with a theme where you can build a small structure, terrain or project which we call Themed Builds. Our build team can rate or give feedback on your construction if you want. This feedback allows you to improve your building skills and gives you the possibility to obtain a ranks with more autonomy and creative tools (worldedit/voxelsniper).

We have a rank system that covers a broad array of aspects:

Guides are people who can help you get around the map to discover new places, learn a thing or two from the lore or partake in minigames on the map.

Foremen, Designers and Artists are people who focus on completing projects such as terrain and landmarks on the map.

Members who like helping out by making textures, models and styling can partake in our Texture Team.
We also have a Programming Team for those who are interested in writing code for plugins or minigames.

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Manager Promotion
Hello there, @Credoo was ~~lazy~~ nice enough to allow me to announce my own promotion! I’m your newest Mod Manager, and I’m also helping @dokterwalvis manage the Guides.

I’d like to use this announcement as a reflection. As some, or most, of you may know, I originally joined MCME back in March 2013, and left near the summer of 2015. During that time, I became a Guide, then known as Ranger, and a Moderator, then a Staff rank known as Bounder. Despite the relatively short period of time, MCME left a lasting impression on me, and I can say really changed me as a person. I left during a rough time in my life, and sorta lost my way after (still lost honestly), but the lessons I learned and the memories I made went with me. I may have left MCME, but MCME never left me- I’d check the forums over the years, and it was only two years ago after a “routine” check that I found out the community had a Discord. I figured I’d join, lurk, and keep up with the progress- I didn’t realize just how deep down the hobbit hole I’d go. Iru, @PaperOdin, and Soarz were some of my first friends after coming back to the community, though Iru is more an old friend I reconnected with, so I’m not sure if he counts. They and @ooitsbirdo helped me reconnect, explaining to me what’s happened since, and how things have changed. Honestly, I didn’t expect my “second” experience here to top my first, but it did, it truly did. I’ve made good friends here, you know who you are, and new memories just as valuable as the old ones. I’m looking forward to making many more, following the example that Iru and Soarz have set, and doing my best to set one of my own.

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We would like to welcome you to our stand at the Tolkiens Days in Geldern Germany! You may or may not want to check discord tomorrow around noon CEST to be able to tune into a livestrem from it.

Big thanks to everyone that helped put this together. More pictures coming form your local helpers @q220 , @Credoo and @aylalya .

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