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Custom End Biomes and Structures! - We have a Custom End with 8 New Biomes and Hundreds of new Structures to Explore!

Custom Animations! - Custom Animations make your minecraft expericence that little bit realer
Lockable Chests - We have the ability to secure your items in your chests, no need to worry about players Touching your items!

Custom Cosmetics! - We have Hundreds of Custom Cosmetics that players can equip and use

Custom Leveling! - try and get to the top with custom leveling that gives you advantages for playing

1000% Against P2W! - We will never release nor condone any P2W features on our server. Ever

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very nice

Great server, but is not quite a survival experience. This server has a /shop plugin, and as a result the server is filled with huge builds with very little grinding. If you come for a true survival experience, this is not the place. For what it is though, it is a fun place with an amazing community of kind people.

Great server, some nice architecture, a balanced economy and the owner is usually online and ready to help with whatever people need.


i am pleased to annouce that the downtime is over, god what a hassle that was (Please note to make sure that your IP is

now if you will excuse me, im gonna go chill out for a few

Euan avatar

hey, so in tandem with keeping you updated, approx 3am GMT the datacenter holding the nmlmc servers had a issue that has resulted in this taking a heck of a lot longer than i had hoped for, as of now creative and lobby is up, Survival may take a few hours more, i know this is frustrataiting(it is for me too) but the only thing we can do at the moment it wait, ❤️

also, if you really want, you can now send me emails at [email protected]

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