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NotNot is a modern 1.18 SMP with Twitch integration.
On NotNot you will have a lag-free, fair square Survival Experience. Our cutting edge plug-ins make X-Raying impossible.

Here you can claim Lands, create entire cities and have wars with other Lands that's optional. Trade with other players, increase your abilities and play with your favorite Streamers!

The server is completely lag-free and has unique plug-ins!

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The server is great and always brings back memories from good times with friends.

I could not find any popular youtubers or twitch streamers on the server.

best server for long time perm Enjoyment


it a good place to play Minecraft


Host: "The technician was unable to get this node to boot up and we will be performing a motherboard replacement in the morning. Pease open a ticket on the billing website and we will provide a 5 day billing cycle extension for the inconvenience. Join our Discord for updates."

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Servers gonna be down for a bit, host be takin a nap

sweatthebullets avatar

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