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About ParadoxMC Games:

ParadoxMC is a Minecraft server looking to grow our community. Our server is always looking for new ways for you to have a great time. Play with loads of players, YouTubers, and a vibrant community willing to stand tall. We are always looking for new people to call our friends who want to be involved in our community willing to play.

We offer many features. Some of these may be new to you, and some may be similar. We have listed some below:

KitPVP Arena (IN DEVELOPMENT) - Fight your friends and become #1!

Factions - Join in and protect what is yours from the any who would dare oppose you!

Economy - Join a thriving economy where you can trade with your allies!

Thriving Community - We are here to make sure everyone has a good time, bring your friends and make some new ones!

Our IP:

Thank you for checking us out! Hope we see you soon!

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