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The worst cracked Earth Geopolitical Server

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IP: Welcome to PTR MC! We are a cracked server that uses a 1:500 earth map to make sure everyone has space to build. We use Slimefun, Movecraft, and Towny to create an enjoyable experience. Along with a nice community, user-friendly interface, and others, we hope you enjoy your time here at PTR MC!
Towny Create a town and join a nation, or don't, it's completely up to you. We plan to expand our memberbase to a point where inter-city roleplay is completely possible. But for now, nations are the main way to roleplay. Join a nation discord, or make your own and invite ambassadors from other nations.

Movecraft Movecraft allows you to create ships and airplanes. Using this, we have massive naval battles and plenty of ways to waste your time customizing your drivable ship. In addition to Movecraft, you can setup Cannons to equip your ship with.

Slimefun Slimefun allows you to research many technologies like Jetpacks, Nuclear Energy, and much more. Players usually go for some of the utility items, like explosive pickaxes and large backpacks to carry their items.

Have any suggestions? We have elections for trusted members of the community, and we listen to user suggestions all the time!
Tired of owners abusing their power? You won't see that here. This server was founded on the principle of keeping the owner in check and preventing them from exercising tyranny on the majority.

Mad at P2Winners taking over your previous server? That won't stand here. Here, we abide by the Minecraft EULA, and our server is 100% P2W free.

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i accidentally clicked 1 star instead of 5 stars but I am too lazy to change it
great server, great community, owner is kinda sus tho i think he is the impostor, but overall friendly environment

Ptr Mc is a great and non toxic server, I love it!

Awesome server, massive swagger, staff is based and wholesome, server is pogchamp and keanu.

Epic and based

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