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RabbitCraft (A selections of some of the coolest servers around)

Why play with us?

We have some of the greatest and most open plugins available in all of our game modes.
Adventure in 3 different ways, SkyBlock, Factions and an Open SMP.
No restrictions to your gameplay.
No age restrictions to play.
A fully customised and upgraded Discord server.
Automatic and in-person server moderation by some of the best and most supportive staff in the community.
Our moderators have been checked against their countries criminal records service and have under gone safe guarding and vulnerable adult/child protection training.
Be a part of something big!

We have a great social media and online presence

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, on our Discord and stay updated via our website and online store.

Where can my adventure begin?

Honestly the sky's the limit. Literally.

VineCraft our open SMP, manage your own land claims, explore in an incredibly customisable world, create groups, make life long friends.
InfinityBlock our SkyBlock server, all the latest and greatest plugins all in one place.
Factions|Apocalypse our greatest game mode. Build a team and rove through a dangerous and unforgiving game mode. the Zombie apocalypse is upon you. Create a Faction and thrive in full pvp battles or stay alive and trade. In this game mode the choice is yours.

As you can see we are passionate about our game modes and community. Join us and find out why!

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This server houses one of the kindest communities I ever saw ^_^

Amazing and family-friendly community. Absolutely recommended! <3


Super chill and relaxed environment! Would recommend.

Great community of players and is run really well great for all ages and you really are in safe hands.

Great community of people from all over the globe


Hi everyone, Our hub is currently under construction. It is not configured so when you log in you may see strange holographics etc. Please ignore them for now and we will let you know once work is completed.

It is a completely new and drastically improved hub. Once its completed we hope you enjoy it 🙂

Until the bungee is set up and servers have portals etc you will need to use commands to go to the seperate servers from the hub.

/skyblock - Infinityblock
/smp for Vinecraft
/Factions for you guessed it 😉

RabbitCraft will be un-enterable until the system is working correctly.

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Infinity-block Announcement:

Sadly, Our server has been hacked and we are now repairing the damage. The server will be down whilst we do this and we hope to have it up as soon as possible.

If you do see the server online please do not join it until we let you know that it is ok to do so.

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