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As hermitcrafty, as it can be without a whitelist. (18+)

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About the Server


100% legit survival, NO donation perks, NO admin shops, NO warps/homes/tpa etc, NO resets, NO currrency, NO lobby, NO bullshit. Real Minecraft, zero calories.

The Server and its map is quite old (est. 2015) and has been around for many years and versions. For the first 2 years it was private and only later was opened for the public. (DISCLAIMER: The server is 18+) The basic idea was to always keep the server online, on the same map. And to always keep it as vanilla as its reasonably possible.
There are only a few minor changes to the vanilla gameplay. A plugin which allows you to protect your builds, one that skips night when 50% of players are asleep, and lastly one that allows you to set up villager-like trade signs. There are no other changes to the gameplay meta of vanilla survival.
That means: NO teleportations like /tpa /home /back or warps of any kind are available. The same goes for any RPG like plugin like mcmmo. Neither do we have towny or any digital currency (players trade items and diamonds are the default). Also no silktouching spawners, or kits, or anything like it. It is called hermitcraft-like for a reason.
Futhermore there are only 2 Player ranks NEW and PLAYER if oyu can even call them that. You do not get any perks from being upgraded to PLAYER, its just to let people know that you are a regular player and not new to the server (duh). If you choose to donate to the server, it is greatly appreciated, but there are no ingame advantages here either. Your chat badge (letter before your name) will become gold and you will be added to the donator wall. Thats it regardless of how much you donate or how long. The badge stays even if you stop donating.
The whole economy is playerbased that means everything was farmed in survival even what you see at spawn. There are no admin shops. Every block was placed/obtained in survival.

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A great, welcoming server where you can play however you want! A lovely community that talks ingame and on discord, where everyone is helpful! 11/10

I started playing on this server 3 week ago and right now i just gained like 8 new friends so come on and play with us and make new friends :D

I've been having a blast playing on Server26. Building bases and farms, selling stuff in the shopping district and visiting other people bases. Everyday there are some very friendly people on discord to talk with and just have a good time. I'd reccomend giving it a try!

A small, friendly community of hardworking builders that are extremely eager to help newer players out. The lack of plugins doesn't hinder the experience, and only makes getting things 100x more rewarding. With such an awesome bunch of players, and a server that never resets; the sky's the limit.

I just really love playing on the server, the community is very welcoming in my opinion and there is always something new to see.

I mean, I am the owner and admin of this little server, so take this review with a grain of salt, but i can get more personal about my experience here than in the description (also I curious how the rating process works).
All I can say is that I'm having a blast running this server and playing with the people on it. Its fun coming on and checking in on the players and their progress, helping out, and taking care of the infrastructure. While I do have a stern vision for the server I'm always open for suggestions and criticism.
I love how lively the community has become. I held onto this server through hard time, where no one was online. But in the last year things finally started to get rolling and the future looks bright. I have no plans ever to stop this server. Now that people have settled down here I feel responsible to provide a reliable and enjoyable long term experience. :D


__Server-News 20-Jun-2021 - 6 Years!__

Today this server is 6 YEARS old!
To celebrate there is a small Parkour in the new Wild West Community Area. (Red highway) You can get a Badge for finishing it. Don't forget to screenshot your times in chat and post them to Discord :)
Location of the Community Area / parkour --> (south of the central nether portal)

Additionally there is a 2nd Badge, the regular 2021 Anniversary Badge. You only need to join for a second today to get it.

||Obligatory, "no these badges do nothing, they are just vanity collectables"||

❗❗If you are doing the parkour make sure you to not carry an elytra, ender pearls, chorus fruits or have anny effects, you will not get the badge. Put them in your Enderchest❗❗

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__Server-News 19-Jun-2021 - Server Anniversary tomorrow__

A little reminder that tomorrow is the server anniversary. Don't forget to join to grab you badge ;)
More details tomorrow.

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