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Casual Minecraft Survival & Battle-themed custom games!

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TimeToBattle Network!

A new land claim based Survival 1.16.3 server, with a theme of kingdoms. The Survival experience features player homes, an economy (based on time played) and frequent server events and happenings!
If you get bored of just survival, we also have the Battle Bastion: a dungeon-crawler style game mode. Take your Survival equipment into a randomly generated dungeon to complete quests and gain exclusive rewards. Speaking of quests, there's a number to complete that will keep you busy for ages!

Alongside the Survival server, we also have a few other modes for players to enjoy:

  • Sphere Battles: a special mini-game based on Bedwars, but with movable spawn points and resources are collected from floating spheres! It's fast paced and fun, testing both resource management, bridging and combat strategies.
  • Battle Royale: Our take on the "Battle Royale" genre; mixing elements of UHC and The Hunger Games. Drop into a beautiful custom map and kill monsters to gather resources. Gear up and get ready to battle!
  • Creative: Flex your creative muscles on our Creative plotworld server - featuring spacious plots and WorldEdit.
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ℹ️ Minecraft 1.17 has been released

WHAT THIS MEANS: When launching Minecraft you will need to make sure you have version 1.16.5 selected or you won't be able to join the server. To make a 1.16.5 installation click "Installations" --> "New Installation" --> select "Release 1.16.5" as the Version. Then hit save and select this new installation as the one you want to use.

WHEN ARE WE UPDATING: As soon as PaperMC is available for 1.17 and we have tested plugin performance & compatibility. It will require some downtime during the upgrade process.

WHAT DOES 1.17 ADD: Copper, candles, amethyst & a crap ton more stuff to build with!

William avatar

Regarding 1.17,
We are looking forward to updating as soon as the necessary server software (paper) is available. We intend to either regenerate non-built-on chunks or expand the World Border.
Please be patient until that time when we will make further announcements!
Thank you!

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