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About Us

Around since 2011, we have seen Minecraft change quite a bit. We have a strong and easygoing community, with friendly players who will get you on your way. On VillageCraft, you can build a village to whatever style you feel, get it protected by one of our friendly staff, and then manage it however you want. Come join us!

Some Key Features

Thriving Market

We have a market, built from the ground up, right in the spawn town, to help you get on your way, be it with your first home, or a new project

Server Parliament

Through community elections and votes, you can have your say on how the server operates, from suggesting features, to running events

Long History

VillageCraft has been a community since 2011, having seen over 20,000 players over the years, each bringing their contribution to the server

Make your village yours

When you build a village, it's entirely yours. You can decide who to let in, what rules to enforce, and play to your style

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This is an honest review. I have been in the community off and on since 2017 and for anyone looking to join. I have a view pros and cons. Though I think most of them is coming from a long time player and pay not be 100% applicable to a new player.

Active community
No Resets, you can really see the history of the world from old ass wars, to towns of old players, to chunk border from old versions. It really a site and I really recommend this to anyone who likes history and old stuff.
(Partly) Player Run. The Parliament allows for changes to the server to be made like adding new plugins, changing rules, ect. Its not a perfect system and its not for people who can't get along well with others. Doing this requires constant discourse debate since its a democracy it requires some form of having to deal with others. This can be an issue as things are slow to get fixed or to change and always will be due to the nature of the system. Though overall I consider this a plus and I wish more servers would do this.

The server has a toxic history of doxxing, harassments, and generally toxicity. The server prides itself on being a "Free Speech" server. The only thing this means is that people are allowed to say slurs and other hate speech. And its generally been a big detractor for me. Not to say the server actively recruits from 4chan to so the players may not always be very welcome. Not to say the server is outright hateful there is a large population of leftist and LGBT+ people who will defend and fight against this none sense.

Small and dysfunctional dev team. As much as the server is thankful for Luis the head developer for the server. He is terrible to work with. He will try and do everything himself, disregard help as not needed, thus making important updates and plugins slower to get into place. I wouldn't place a lot of blame on Luis for this. Its common that there is a slow update or a plugin that isn't on the server yet cus its been in development for a long while because of luis's limited time and unwillingness to accept help. If any part of the server isn't a team effort or at least cooperative in a limited sense its this aspect.

The server allows for extremely laggy farms and TPS can be low is certain players are using them. Which can suck. So block lag can happen sometimes. But for some people that may not be an issue.

um so i its not really welcoming to new members cause um yeah and the community is shit they make fun of your losses and some of them are even sexist and racist and the mods and owners dont say shit about it

It’s got a lovely community, with fun events and lots of cool villages to explore that people have made over the years.

I love the intricate and diverse players that coexist on VillageCraft. Plenty of things to get involved in and it's vanilla enough you can just enjoy Minecraft. There are enough mods that make it more fun and you can play with friends! 10/10 would recommend

Everyone was extremely helpful. Lovely spawn, WOW! They have a cutting edge building a.i. called Tenretni. It even talks! Sometimes I think it's a real person but I know that's not true. 5 star server tho. Very sexy admins (that air guy is kindof a dick tho, he's never on)

Awesome server, fantastic community, and fun, laid-back Staff members

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