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Neat whitelisted community running a semi-vanilla Fabric jar.

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XMC is a long-running survival Minecraft server. We’re starting our new season on November 30th with the Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 update, so now’s the perfect time to join in!

On XMC we’re looking for people over the age of sixteen, though a majority of our player-base is eighteen or older. We expect members to respect each other and be mature. We’re looking for players that enjoy the endgame, and won’t just burn out after a day or two of playing. You don’t have to be an expert builder or someone amazing at redstone, as long as you’re interested in improving, you’ll fit right in.

Everyone that joins XMC and stays around will be able to have a voice in new members, as that is the case, application response takes time. We ask each of our trusted members to vote on who to let in. Every member has a voice in changes made to the server as well. Massive changes will not be made unless the community is asked prior.

This season we’re going to have several themed districts. Places with someone coordinating what style people should use to build, for example; last season we had a cave district, a huge connecting cave system that we all lived inside.

We also use quite a few “Vanilla+” features, things like movable tile entities, and other Carpet mod tweaks. We’re still discussing which ones we’ll be using this season, come join the discussion! No download will ever be required to play on XMC, you can join using a completely vanilla client.

No stealing/griefing This one’s pretty cut and dry, if you steal or grief it’s an immediate ban. We can roll back any damage done, so it’s really only a waste of your time.
No NSFW or racism Another one that should be pretty clear, it’s a Minecraft server, not your political podcast.
No mods that give an unfair advantage This contains things like XRay which is obviously banned. Anything that gives a clear advantage over a vanilla player is disallowed. Things like minimaps and light guides are completely fine though. Ask an admin if you believe a mod falls under this umbrella, usually, we’ll let you use it.

Inactivity Anyone who goes inactive in Discord/Minecraft for over a month will have their whitelist removed, and member role taken away. You are able to rejoin at any point afterward without applying. You can notify us prior if you’re going to be away for an extended period, and these will be waived.

Farm lag rules We love farms on XMC, but one thing we don’t love is lag. If your farm constantly lags the server, you will be asked to remove it. Farms that only cause lag while enabled are fine, given you only use them during times where people aren’t impacted.

Inactive shop rules Shops, wherever we may have them, have some rules. You will be asked to remove your shop if your shop has not had items cleared or restocked in several weeks.

Ready to apply? You can do so here. https://apply.xmcnet.work or https://discord.gg/Dw2Ue45

Server Specs

CPU - Ryzen 5 5600x

RAM - 64GB, the server is allocated 10GB

Storage - 1TB NVME

Located in New Jersey

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Vanilla gameplay with nice quality of life datapacks. Server has a great community and some very smart technical players. Tons of fun for a long time!

I like this server

I have been on quite a few servers since I started playing Minecraft. This has got to be the best one I have ever played on. The playerbase is extremely friendly and the moderators are really helpful.

We have a few data packs but nothing that really changes the vanilla feel. I highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a Hermitcraft style.

This is an amazing server! It has great friendly staff that will help you out any time. The dynmap is extremely useful helping you find new locations to build your base! Definitely would recommend to experienced and new players! :)
- StealthAcornIV, A loyal player

Very friendly community that is open for ideas. The thing that set this community apart from my previous Minecraft communities is ease of communication and openness to suggestions and criticism alike. Also, an active and well managed discord group is a big plus in my book. Being able to call "redstone expert" or "landscape guy" when I'm stuck on a project made me feel like I'm not playing on the same map as others, but alongside them.

Friendly server with a great player base and good admins


Alright, everyone who has expressed interest has retained their Member role, will have concrete plans laid out here over the course of the coming week

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hi again, you can now join @ vanilla.xmcnet.work just like always. the webmap & creative server are unavailable for the time being (the world is the same, no progress lost). have fun :)

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