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Neat whitelisted community running a semi-vanilla Fabric jar.

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XMC is a long-running 16+ survival server aiming to create a close community of members interested in playing long-term. XMC as a whole has been a server for over two years now. We started “Season 2” when 1.17 was released. We want to create a mature community, so we have an age requirement of 16, though a majority of our existing players are 18+.

XMC is looking for players who are interested in being a part of a growing community and continuing to play on worlds for long periods of time. You can find some screenshots attached below of some of the districts our players have created. Districts are groups building together with a similar theme.

Various Links

Discord Server

On XMC we look to maintain vanilla gameplay as much as possible while enhancing it in a variety of ways. From adding features that should be in the vanilla game like movable chests/tile entities, to things like armor stand control. We want to give our players the tools to create whatever they would like!

Everyone in XMC has a voice in decisions that are made, feature additions, players removed, anything. Admins will not make any changes without getting community feedback first. Unless of course, players are caught cheating. In that case, they get an immediate addition to the #hall-of-infamy channel in our discord and a swift ban. Every active player in XMC also has a say in who gets accepted. Active players get added to a channel in which we discuss potential new players’ applications, then vote on if they’re added or not.

Please be mature - One of if not the most important rule, players who are immature will be removed, we're trying to make a community of people to just relax and play.
Respect other server members
No stealing or griefing - We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind-of stuff. Many members have access to check the logs of any container or any block you interact with. If caught taking things without asking you will be instantly removed.
No Racism/NSFW/Other - Offensive stuff has no real place in a Minecraft server. Please avoid it. Same with politics and stuff, closest thing you'll get to that here is #etc-economic-downfall.
No mods that give an unfair advantage over others - Anyone caught using things like this will be banned just as fast as those griefing or stealing. Mini-maps are exempt from this rule. You can find a list of approved mods below.

Server Specs

Ryzen 5 5600x
Located in New Jersey.

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Vanilla gameplay with nice quality of life datapacks. Server has a great community and some very smart technical players. Tons of fun for a long time!

I like this server

I have been on quite a few servers since I started playing Minecraft. This has got to be the best one I have ever played on. The playerbase is extremely friendly and the moderators are really helpful.

We have a few data packs but nothing that really changes the vanilla feel. I highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a Hermitcraft style.

This is an amazing server! It has great friendly staff that will help you out any time. The dynmap is extremely useful helping you find new locations to build your base! Definitely would recommend to experienced and new players! :)
- StealthAcornIV, A loyal player

Very friendly community that is open for ideas. The thing that set this community apart from my previous Minecraft communities is ease of communication and openness to suggestions and criticism alike. Also, an active and well managed discord group is a big plus in my book. Being able to call "redstone expert" or "landscape guy" when I'm stuck on a project made me feel like I'm not playing on the same map as others, but alongside them.

Friendly server with a great player base and good admins


We're on disboard now, I guess. You can leave us a review on there if you want to. disboard.org/serv...

WOW that looks horrible

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Gonna be posting it today, so let me know

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